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  • Weaving together websites that work wonders

    “Get it online.” That’s so often the advice whether you seek goods, service, inspiration or information. Which is why at Green Shoots this we’ve been busier than ever with website design, whether starting from scratch or developing or reinvigorating websites.

    You Are Not Alone

    One of the most respected sources of support for rural mental health is […]

  • The carrot and stick for website security

    There are changes coming that will make it more important than ever to secure websites. For many owners of websites, the purpose of a website is to make information public, so why is there a need to add additional security? Sure, if you took credit card payments or stored and processed confidential information then it […]

  • Sharing best practice through film

    One of the quickest, most effective and memorable ways to inspire is through film. We can all have the technology at our fingertips: a phone to film on, a keyboard to edit with (if some nips and tucks and a music track enhance it) and finally a connection to the internet to share it with.

    But […]

  • Website to help explain the magic of farming

    One of our recent projects has been to develop a simple website to help farmers, and those involved in food production, to explain the Magic of Farming. The concept was simple. Illustrate techniques that can be used to help people grasp what happens on farms.

    The key points are illustrated through the use of films. We created […]

  • Ice Cream by Appointment website design

    There are many different aspects to designing and developing a website for a client. We start by taking the brief, then developing the concept and finally converting it into a reality. A good example of the process is our recent work designing and developing a new website for Ice Cream by Appointment – bespoke Ice Cream […]

  • Shoots Site Song Contest

    La le-la le-la: singing in a choir is having a renaissance right now. But the choir schools of the UK have been bringing benefits to young choristers – and those who hear them – for centuries.

    Their web presence needed an upgrade. So we put on some inspiring music and let our ideas soar.

    Forgive the pun, […]

  • Sites that deliver

    We work really hard to make sure our sites not only look good, but also deliver what people are after.

    Isn’t it frustrating to find a site that has useful information on it, and looks “pretty” – but is structured in such a way as to make it useless?

    As we build sites, we keep our focus […]