Weaving together websites that work wonders

“Get it online.” That’s so often the advice whether you seek goods, service, inspiration or information. Which is why at Green Shoots this we’ve been busier than ever with website design, whether starting from scratch or developing or reinvigorating websites.

You Are Not Alone

One of the most respected sources of support for rural mental health is the charity YANA. As it’s grown, it outgrew its old website. It was time to refresh, reinvigorate and update.

Not just for the sake of it, but so that people suffering with poor mental health, or those wanting to help their friends, colleagues or family members could easily find out what to do. With a wonderful new logo designed by Naked Marketing we could set to work.

What YANA wanted online: clarity, quick access to advice or next steps.

Want to see the website design and built by Green Shoots for YANA? It’s here.

Breckland Farmers Wildlife Network

With a network of farmland stretching for over 100,000 acres across the Breckland region of East Anglia, the newly-formed Breckland Farmers Wildlife Network have ambitious plans. For the precious wildlife they share the landscape with, they want to create network of habitats, not a patchwork.

What BFWN wanted: crystal explanation of who they are and where and what they’ll do on-farm.

Fancy a voyage of discovery of Breckland farming wildlife plans? Sure you do. Explore here.

International Fertiliser Society

When the International Fertiliser Society (IFS) began back in 1947, it could not have imagined what, seventy years on, it can now do. IFS connects soil and fertilizer specialists and their work together. It collates and stores their research work. It holds webinars and conferences when hundreds of professionals can meet, listen and discuss together. They are brought together over thousands of miles without them even setting a foot outside their offices.

What they wanted online: easy access to huge library, pay to attend conferences and webinars

Fancy a deep dive into all things fertilizer? Plunge into our website design here.

The Morley Agricultural Foundation

This client of ours could not be closer. It’s just a few miles away. The Morley Agricultural Foundation (TMAF) is a charity with a difference. It farms and it invests in farming research. Lots of it. They wanted to bring their web presence up to date so that you can see what they are doing now as well as the research results they already have archived.

What they wanted online: clear presentation of the research they invest in and why, the results, a library of all reports and an invitation to events or an educational farm tour.

Inquisitive about farming research? Don’t worry, you want get lost in the library as we’ve not opened all doors and shelves to visitors yet! Discover more about this example of our website design here .