Watch to hear

It’s a remarkable thing that we often have to see in order to really hear. Engaging the visual sense can strengthen our capacity to hear a story – and remember and act on it. And it’s why Green Shoots are busier than ever producing films.

Getting Real

In East Africa, the innovative biopesticide and biocontrol company Real IPM Kenya have a powerful story to tell. In fact they have lots of them. But hosting visits to their production base for a jumbo jet load of visitors from around the world every day is just not possible. But film on their website is a way to easily share their news with that number of interested visitors.

Film has the power to inform, inspire and influence

The popularity of online film confers it great power.  To check out a place, a product or the people behind it the media of choice is often film. Once seen it’s so easily shared through social media. The films we make are often multi-purpose: to give punch on a webpage, to bring colour and impact to a presentation, to give evidence to illustrate a business.

Green Shoots in action

Green Shoots were asked to go to the Real IPM base in Kenya and spend a few days on farms filming. But don’t think that we just want to get the look of a story. Our speciality is to get right inside the story. We want to capture the very essence of how the story looks, sounds and feels – and that takes time.

Effective story-telling through film

Our approach is to get those in the story to tell it.  We have to win the confidence of the speakers. We have to do whatever it takes for them to be comfortable with the camera – and the microphone and even the lights, if necessary – and to talk with their audience. The Green Shoots team and our lovely equipment is just the means for them to do that.  The most important component of the story is always the story-teller.

Conquering technicalities

We used every daylight hour available on the equator. We coped with technical challenges like dust and a ‘misbehaving’ tripod leg (as one of our Kenyan team helpers called it) which refused, only for a while, to stay secure. We coped when the sky threw rain at us. We coped when we needed to shoot the view from the dizzying height of a water tower.

Reaction to film

We don’t just want our clients to be happy with the films we make for them. We want them to be delighted with every little detail. That’s what makes their investment, in time and effort as well as money, worthwhile and makes the film we made for them a cost effective component of their communications toolkit. And this is what our Real IPM clients said about these latest two films:

“Absolutely brilliant.” Louise Labuschagne 

“Brilliant. I especially like the music.” Antony Pearce

“Great, absolutely great! Thank you.”  Dr Henry Wainwright

“Amazing, precise and interesting. The way the story’s put together is unique.” Simon Mwangi

Harness the power of film

Amazing sound, compelling speech of course they each have power too. But commercially for our clients and creatively for our film production team it is the power of moving image and sound combined that is so popular, so share-able and is giving us such fascinating commissions.