UK farmers on study tour to see best of agriculture in Kenya

Catching Up with Kenya – a fascinating farm study tour

Why go on an agriculture study tour in Kenya? In the UK we’re often quick to criticise imported food such as green beans from Kenya, and the African farmers and systems that grow it. But in a decade of rapid expansion, growing into a multi-million pound export industry, the farms in Kenya that grow in challenging climatic conditions, and to exacting standards, now have extraordinarily good agricultural and environmental practice to share.

With help from RDPE funds, and organised by Smiths Gore, nine UK farmers are about to set off on a study tour in Africa with Susie Emmett of Green Shoots to see and hear the challenges faced by Kenyan export farming. The group will visit a number of businesses and locations to witness the innovation and excellence in practice.

Border of beneficial plants alongside crop in Kenya

Border of beneficial plants alongside crop in Kenya

What we will see of African agriculture in Kenya

Key themes highly relevant to UK farming will include: soil conditioning and conservation, integrated pest management, actively replacing pesticides, dramatically reduced use of irrigation water, on-farm trials for innovation, micro-fertilisation, harnessing biodiversity for field production and community engagement.

Crops will include: green beans, baby corn, runner beans, red salad onions, garden peas, tender stem broccoli, spinach, soya bean, wild rocket, flowers and coriander.

The study tour will visit large farms and smaller scale out-growers. Follow us in the AgriTour Kenya blog to share what we see and hear.

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Susie Emmett and the Agri Tour Team