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  • Sharing a juicy slice of melon story

    One of the best listens in the world is BBC Radio’s “From Our Own Correspondent”. It’s why it was a delight to write and record another piece for FOOC on the marvellous melons of north west Senegal.

    In an opportunity like that every word matters. Which detail, what experience, how much information must be shared? Mindful […]

  • Packed podcast

    Packing a lot of punch in a podcast: just the kind of mission that is not impossible to Green Shoots. Especially when the information providers are two enthusiastic speakers in the blustery, beautiful north west of England. They – and what they have to say – are catalysts for great improvements to animal health and […]

  • Sound matters

    To say we have a thing about sound is an understatement.

    We love everything about it: recording it, editing it and mixing it – and all this effort of course is so that listeners will love hearing it.

    Sound stands alone – it’s no surprise that listening to the radio is more popular than ever and to […]

  • Moo-versation

    There is nothing like the power of sound. A dairy farm is full of it.

    It was our pleasure to capture the moos, swishes, splats and rhythms that make the soundtrack to Jo North’s working day with her dairy cows.

    One of the many pieces we are producing for the Let Nature Feed Your Senses audio collection.