Sky Shoots

Getting the shot from above

Sometimes filming from the ground is not really enough to tell the whole story. Thankfully we have the answer and can use our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) to get up in the air and capture that unique aerial shot.

Aerial Video

Artistically, we use our live high definition video stream from our UAV while we fly. This allows us to frame and monitor the shots, and to make sure that they are right while we are filming and before leaving the scene.

Technically, we record our video in 4k or HD, depending what is needed. Creatively, our ongoing pilot training means get stunning shots to illustrate the matter in hand.

We combine our artistry and technicality to reveal the story. We can do what it takes – from above, alongside, in front or behind, through a stunning reveal or captivating zoom – to give your film the ‘wow’ factor.

Aerial Photography

It’s not just video that we can shoot. While in the air we can also capture stunning photographs, with that unusual perspective, ideal for literature, websites, or posters.

Advancing technology

What is great for us as film makers and photographers is that the advancing technology means that we are now able to capture the video and photographs that previously would have only been possible from a manned aircraft. Importantly, new technology means that this is available at a cost that makes it affordable for a much wider range of productions.

Better productions

This bird’s eye view is powerfully complemented with ground film and the story, told by the people within the business, really shines through.

These days it’s not enough to rely on just one perspective, even if that’s the beauty from above. To impress, inform and influence your target audience we will suggest a combination of moving image, complementary soundtrack of ambient sound or music, and explanation and information from those whose story is being told.

Insured and legal

And of course, we have all the necessary paperwork in place too. In the UK it is a requirement that anyone carrying out aerial work commercially has demonstrated that they are competent to do so, and has registered their company and UAV with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), and has the necessary insurance in place. Only then can they be issued with a Permission for Commercial Operations, or PfCO (Previously known as a PfAW – permission for aerial work). We’ve got ours, passing with flying colours.