Sharing best practice through film

One of the quickest, most effective and memorable ways to inspire is through film. We can all have the technology at our fingertips: a phone to film on, a keyboard to edit with (if some nips and tucks and a music track enhance it) and finally a connection to the internet to share it with.

But how, amongst the millions of films made everyday, can you be sure to make your film ‘watchable’?

Top tips to make a film with ‘watchability’

  • Plan – what has to be done or said on camera to get that across
  • Sound – never overlook this important element. Avoid wind noise and jolts
  • Frame – shoot the scene so that the foreground and background add to the story
  • Shoot – like it’s the only take. But re-take to get it as good as can be and for no or minimum edits
  • Surprise – with a stand out scene or story that sets your film apart
  • Share – before you showcase your production check quality, for typo’s and permissions to share
  • Listen – to what people like in your films so you can learn and do better next time

Films show that Farming is Magic

We work with a lot of farming businesses and want more of them to be able to share the magic of farming in talks, walks and presentations. So film was the first choice for fantastic ways to inspire them to do that brilliantly.

We made the Farming is Magic film collection that you can enjoy at

But here is a sneak peak. Watch out for the chicken!