Ice Cream by Appointment website design

There are many different aspects to designing and developing a website for a client. We start by taking the brief, then developing the concept and finally converting it into a reality. A good example of the process is our recent work designing and developing a new website for Ice Cream by Appointment – bespoke Ice Cream for weddings, parties, proms and corporate events.

Website design

The brief was to build a simple, attractive, and fun website and to do it quickly. So that is what we did. We built a custom theme for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform. WordPress is great for developing a website, as it provides the website owner with control over the site. By being able to add and edit content and pictures simply, it improves the chance that the site will be regularly updated – something that is good for SEO.

Fun design

We took the opportunity to add a little bit of animation to the site too. Animation is always a tricky thing to add, as it can be very distracting. Also it needs to be done in such way that it will work on computers, and also on tablets such as iOS and Android phones and Tablets. Visit the site to see the seagull flying around and resting on the logo, and also a gently rocking hot-air balloon made out of ice cream!

Responsive Sites

And nowadays, with so many people accessing websites on mobile devices, it is important that the website should respond to different sized screens. So we ensured the site had a responsive website design, to make the most of the screen available.

So if you are after some delicious Ice Cream for your wedding, prom, party or corporate event then take a look at the new Ice Cream by Appointment website.

And if you are after help with your own website design then get in touch.