High five: celebrating five successful years in business

Sometimes an anniversary simply sneaks up on you. We were surprised and delighted when the congratulations came in from LinkedIn to Green Shoots for five successful years in business. Five years: time to reflect.

Time for a count up

A thousand days our office has been open: sounds and feels impressive. So we decided to count up some other numbers: 19 countries worked in, 33 websites built, 67 films made, seventy three communication skills courses held for 895 participants, 24 conference speeches to thousands of delegates. And so the list goes on. But is all that counting really adding up what we at Green Shoots Productions have achieved?

Changing times and commissions

There are subtle shifts in our line of business. Five years ago we were doing more audio commissions but now the visual media – film and video – productions have sprinted up in importance.

Green Shoots film production on location

Through film Green Shoots have wonderful visibility whether on location or on line.

In web design our clients have higher demands for what they want to deliver to visitors to their sites. We often have to produce versions in several languages to match the international reach of our customers and their messages. We always remain – and design – mindful of the target user of the site, be they youngsters, shoppers or specific knowledge-seekers.

In communications skills training we coach in how to master social media as well as broadcast media. But the basic question  “what’s your target audience and what are the valuable message(s) to them that you have to share?” is still always one of the first to be asked.

Nurturing growth

It’s been wonderful to watch the businesses we work for gain ground and grow.  We never fail to appreciate it when our clients come back to us – again and again – to help with their next development.

Developing relationships with new clients is good too.  Who would not get a thrill when a surprise phone call or email enquiry leads to a new commission? All in another day’s work for our can-do company.

Business as usual in celebrating five successful years

So, how do we celebrate these five fantastic, fun-filled years as Green Shoots? A business lunch? An away day of self indulgent ‘us’ time? Bouquets of blooms all round? O no. We celebrate by doing what we do best: getting creatively on with the exciting range of commissions that are on our desks just now. For that – and the last five years – we are very grateful.