Follow us in ‘Follow that Tractor’ on BBC World Service radio

Read our latest news for broadcast times for Follow that Tractor.

We’ve heard some very good news. BBC World Service have said “Yes please” to our idea of a radio documentary for broadcast this summer around the world. Why? Because we have a story with great pulling power.

Tractors for saleIn our programme Follow That Tractor we will be joining the international throng at the biggest farm machinery auction in Europe to meet the buyers and sellers, the dealers and dreamers and hear all about the hardware changing hands.

Having what it takes

Documentary-making takes planning. It will be a madly English and fascinatingly international event and we’ve already been talking with the auctioneering team as well as the buyers who come from the ends of the earth with very specific tractors on their shopping lists.

The facts are impressive – more than 7,000 lots to be sold on one site on one day. The logistics are marvellous – goods arriving from and leaving to countless destinations all over the world. But lift the bonnet and there are deeply engaging stories to hear, and we are planning to find the best of them from amongst the crowds in amongst the lines of lots.

The sensory side

Rows of machinery for saleNot only is it a fabulously rich soundscape to capture but the depth of human interest to delve into is amazing. It’s tense. It’s exciting. It’s full of suspense. When you get to know the reason why the tractor is wanted, for where and for who then you’ll be keen to know which bidder wins.

Multi talented in multimedia

It’s a sound business. That’s to say that as it is a radio programme, the quality and texture of the audio is uppermost in our minds. However it’s just as important that we take wonderful photos too. In the online build-up to the broadcast, our pictures will be needed online and in social media and in print. We also have to write compelling copy that gets radio reviewers around the world wanting to recommend our programme to their listeners.

Listen up

Selling this lot...So that’s the story of our latest documentary commission. That’s why the BBC Word Service want it, that’s why we will put all our creativity and curiosity to work to make it and that’s why, above everything, we would love it if you would listen to the result.