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  • Shoots on shoots

    Quickly making good roots, the sweet potato cutting or ‘slip’ sends its colourful shoots out across the Senegalese soil.

    It was our challenge – and pleasure – to capture the story of the introduction of new varieties of this formidably productive crop to Africa.

    On farm, in markets and in the kitchen from early light to the […]

  • Mad About Mushrooms

    Web film is a wonderful way for business to share its story and skills with customers.

    Delighted to delve into the quiet, dark world of growing delicious mushrooms, we carefully captured all the detail and dedication in this marvellous process.

    After some picking and cutting of our own we made a film of the Walsh Mushrooms story. Enjoy the […]

  • Shoots in Senegal

    Senegal has it all. It’s why, in the far north west, it is the stage for incredible agricultural development.

    Our task was to capture in a short film why land is being farmed, by who, how and to produce which crops.

    There were farmer shoots, river shoots, field shoots, crop shoots and school shoots – all by […]

  • Tractor talk

    What else can you do to share another fascinating aspect of the farming story? Suffolk’s Hollowtrees Farm Shop asked us to help with six sweet films that let their tractors do the talking.

    We filmed, snapped and captured an actor’s narration and then carefully created the film collection that makes ‘Team Red’ come alive.

    Great team effort!

  • Over to You

    It makes business sense to make sure your potential clients can easily see, hear – and even feel – what it is that you offer. It’s why these days so many of us use short films on our websites.

    We’ve been working with a whole range of food and farming businesses to train and mentor them […]

  • Reaching new heights

    Sometimes, to truly capture the story, the only way to go is up. At least that was the case for Green Shoots while filming on location in Senegal.

    From the height of the water tower – the tallest thing around – the landscape and the scale of the agricultural development planned were in full view.

  • Saying it all

    The challenge is to say everything you want to say about the people, place and process behind your product and all in under 2 minutes. Impossible? No.

    We worked with Walsingham Farms Shops to help them to shoot and edit their own film about their own very special pies. It’s just one example of the productions […]

  • Shaping opinion

    Plant geneticist, Professor Sir David Baulcombe, believes farmers must adopt the latest outputs of research. Andrew Burgess, Agricultural Director of Produce World has misgivings about GM and whether farmers and farming can really benefit from this branch of genetics. But is there a common ground?

    We made a film to find out.

  • Simply perfect

    The simplest ideas can be the best. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing and sharing some great agricultural ideas.

    Two films we’ve just made on innovation in African fields are getting a great response. “Fascinating… Great colours… Such genius use of simple technology.”

    The agronomist we worked with to present the films is an absolute star. View […]

  • Green Shoots on film

    We’re all influenced by others. That’s what makes film such an effective medium. We can see what others are doing and saying. As film-makers it’s our job – and pleasure – to capture the messages that matter and make them memorable.

    Guiding those at the heart of the story to tell it: that pretty much sums […]