Farming study tour of South Africa

Why go on a farming study tour of South Africa? Farms in South Africa that grow to exacting standards in challenging climatic conditions have extraordinarily good agricultural, business and environmental management to share.

The Green Shoots AgriTour South Africa in November 2014 takes a group of nine UK farmers to explore the challenges faced by domestic and export farming in the western Cape. We will see how the sector has developed smart systems and businesses.

Around the Western Cape: so much to learn

We visit farms in the Western Cape. They include a fast-growing township city farm and horticulture enterprise, sustainable wildflower harvesting, grape growing for wine, orchard and berry fruit farming  and diversified arable businesses.

Farming study tour of South Africa

On farm we investigate all aspects of sustainable farming including:

  • soil management and improvement
  • integrated pest control techniques that use biological and other innovative methods
  • how to produce consistently high standards of quality
  • smart environmental management
  • astute farm management systems
  • techniques to boost crop growth and health and reduce use of old-fashioned approaches.
  • finding and keeping good markets

Farmers on Tour: forward-thinking, inquisitive minds

The nine farmers who have been awarded grant-assisted places (part-funded by the UK government’s Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) on AgriTour South Africa will get unique insight to a wide range of farming businesses. On their return from the tip of southern Africa they will be sharing their impressions and experiences with other farmers.