Website to help explain the magic of farming

Farming is Magic website now liveOne of our recent projects has been to develop a simple website to help farmers, and those involved in food production, to explain the Magic of Farming. The concept was simple. Illustrate techniques that can be used to help people grasp what happens on farms.

The key points are illustrated through the use of films. We created a customised Farming is Magic YouTube channel where the films are grouped together by subject.

Then using WordPress as our content management system, we designed our own custom WordPress Theme to showcase these films on the Farming is Magic website.

The theme utilises large, strong background images, as well as feature images from the films themselves. As with all the sites we build now, the site had to be optimised to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers and laptops, so the theme we built was responsive to different screen sizes.

There are sections containing tips to help explain arable crops, livestock and also the science on farms. There are also some top tips, and a section with some examples of how the techniques illustrated in Farming is Magic can really work.

Finally to accompany the Farming is Magic website and YouTube channel, we also set up Farming is Magic on Twitter, to help keep up to date with the suggestions on how to communicate farming.

The end result… a website that is simple to use, and provides a great resource for anyone who is going to be hosting a visit on a farm.