Seeing the difference our communications training makes

To see the positive difference our communications training work makes is always a pleasure. In the first three months of this year we have been heartened – well delighted, actually –  to see the participants of the latest our top-of-the-range training courses put their strengthened communication skills into practice.

Three days of non-stop communication skills training

For three days, with eight agri-professionals, we packed in over 40 hours of tuition. This course is run annually. It is supported by the Felix Cobbold Agricultural Trust and the John Forrest Award of the The Morley Agricultural Foundation. For the first time we held in at Madingley Hall, Cambridge.

Alistair Wright welcomes journalist interest after his presentation at The Morley Agricultural Foundation AGM

Alistair Wright seen welcoming journalist interest after his new-style engaging presentation at The Morley Agricultural Foundation AGM

In the weeks since the course we have seen the participants put their new skills put into practice – to very good effect. We’ve watched confident presentations to farmers, heard accomplished radio interviews, read engaging tweets and heard about successful pitches for new business: not a bad result just in the first two months since Green Shoots’ training.

Presentation skills – in person, in the media, in social media and in film

There has never been a more important time to have good communication skills. In the workplace with colleagues, in pitching for custom from new clients, in delivering the detail to those whose businesses will benefit will a -new idea or technique, in explaining to and inspiring a general audience – whatever the communications opportunity, it matters to make the most of it.

PhD student Jake Richards telling the inside story of his research into cover crops with flair, props, humour and charm.

PhD student Jake Richards telling the inside story of his research into cover crops with flair, props, humour and charm thanks to the Green Shoots communications training.

As always our training is participative and productive. You could say it is full-on and even challenging. But our belief is that unless each participant we train tries new techniques then they cannot learn how to make use of the new skill whether that is the written word, speaking or taking great photos.

What participants say about Green Shoots communication skills training

By way of a challenge in film-making, we encouraged the group of January 2017 to make a short movie about how they feel the course has helped them. So that’s worth a look, for sure.

We will continue to watch those we have trained this year, as in other years, to see the difference our communications training is making and how they are putting their strengthened skills and techniques, learned with Green Shoots, into purposeful practice.