We are wizards with words. Copywriting and editing for clients is a real pleasure. You need your copy to count. Does it increase awareness of who you are? Does it strengthen your presence? What action does it steer the reader to take?

Copywriting for clients

We have clients who ask us to copywrite their regular news output. We are called on to design and deliver copy for leaflets and other printed materials. You can ask us to guest edit a particularly important presentation.

Want to be better at copywriting yourself? Come on a Green Shoots copywriting short training session or course that builds your skills to write attractively and effectively.

Rules of copywriting

Copywriting can be made complicated. Our approach is simple. If you enjoy writing it then your readers are more likely to enjoy the copy you write.

  • use bright words not grey ones
  • the technical can be made clear, concise and memorable
  • make it easy for your readers to find, absorb and share your words

Wizards with words? Probably there is more technique to our copywriting than wizardry and wands. But it does mean Green Shoots copywriting gets things done in a flash and, you never know, the results may be spellbinding.