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June 7, 2011
  • Sound matters

    To say we have a thing about sound is an understatement.

    We love everything about it: recording it, editing it and mixing it – and all this effort of course is so that listeners will love hearing it.

    Sound stands alone – it’s no surprise that listening to the radio is more popular than ever and to […]

  • Building skills

    Communicating well is essential. Our wide range of intense, practical and enjoyable courses help individuals, teams and businesses communicate with flair, to whichever audiences matter most.

    Farmers, researchers, retailers, and journalists are some of the professionals we help.

    They present better, have media skills to make the most of TV and radio, take better photographs, improve their […]

  • Green Shoots on film

    We’re all influenced by others. That’s what makes film such an effective medium. We can see what others are doing and saying. As film-makers it’s our job – and pleasure – to capture the messages that matter and make them memorable.

    Guiding those at the heart of the story to tell it: that pretty much sums […]