Contemporary communicators with a cracking skills set - we delight in inspiring, informing and influencing.

About Us

Describing Green Shoots Productions as a communications production company, which is what we are, only tells a tiny part of the story.

Creative and clever, enthusiastic and effective and enjoying assignments, consultancy, skill-building and multimedia productions. That should help you get the bigger picture of who we are, what we do and how much we love working with and for our clients – to help them to inspire, inform and influence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to work for our clients. Of course, it has not been business ‘as usual’. We’ve had to adapt and get used to a lot of remote working. But communicating clearly is as important as ever, if not more so, for the people we work for and we are fortunate to be chosen to work with them.

Training Sessions and Courses

Busy, fizzy and full of chances to practice the tips and techniques we share, Green Shoots’ training is a delight.

Whether marketing yourself, or products and services, we help with the words, messages and the social and other media to use to share them.
Know the story to tell and tell it well. That’s what sells.

Shooting Film to Boost Business

Let’s harness the power of film to share your story.

Scene, sound and sense of place combine to showcase your products, process and the place and people involved.

You have a camera? Then we get you into action – alongside as you plan, shoot and edit your film yourself.

Website Design and Development

Looking good and working hard: that’s what every website we work on has to be.

We work wonders with websites: design and development, upgrades and fine tuning, retail or ‘e-tail’ and all with the razzle dazzle to drive traffic to your business site.

Apps for Phones and Tablets

Tap into a whole new way to engage with your target audience – see what we did there?

We design applications that share valuable info or insight.

Smart and user-friendly, the apps we create ensure you get what’s useful to those who will benefit.

Green Shoots Photography

Snappy happy: the multipurpose photos we take for you will make you shine online, and present with added power in print or in person. Ask about the picture perfect photography training we give.

Recording Sound

We’ve got a thing about sound. We catch sound that captivates and illustrates – in radio broadcasts, as audio in photo stories or in the sound track to our films. Just listen.

Green Shoots News

Enjoy our latest news and interesting views. We may well surprise you with what Green Shoots are working on, with who and where.

Sky Shoots

Sometimes filming from the ground is not really enough to tell the whole story. Thankfully we have the answer and can use our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) to get up in the air and capture that unique aerial shot.