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Green Shoots BBC World Service radio documentary Horses for Courses

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Our BBC World Service documentary – Horses for Courses

Green Shoots BBC World Service radio documentary Horses for Courses

Elegant, athletic and groomed to perfection, young thoroughbred horses are the focus for our latest radio documentary for BBC World Service. You can catch the broadcast live or online on the BBC World Service website. Capturing action and atmosphere Recording the programme involved Green Shoots spending long days at the historic Tattersalls auction site in Newmarket, […]

We’re on air: Follow That Tractor

We’re on air. Our latest BBC World Service radio documentary is Follow that Tractor. Listen to an extraordinary tale of people, places and machinery that we loved putting together so you can marvel at these secondhand farm machines and all that they mean. The tractor supermarket In a flat piece of English Fenland, a site the size […]

Follow us in ‘Follow that Tractor’ on BBC World Service radio

Read our latest news for broadcast times for Follow that Tractor. We’ve heard some very good news. BBC World Service have said “Yes please” to our idea of a radio documentary for broadcast this summer around the world. Why? Because we have a story with great pulling power. In our programme Follow That Tractor we […]

High five: celebrating five successful years in business

Sometimes an anniversary simply sneaks up on you. We were surprised and delighted when the congratulations came in from LinkedIn to Green Shoots for five successful years in business. Five years: time to reflect. Time for a count up A thousand days our office has been open: sounds and feels impressive. So we decided to count […]

Top Tips from Film Making Training

news currants - green shoots productions

Film is fantastic for informing and inspiring – and certainly for entertaining. But without the right techniques all your creativity – and your viewer’s time – will be wasted. This year we’re finding the Green Shoots Movie Making Masterclasses are a big hit. We love giving film making training and helping film makers not just to […]

Making Headlines

Following on from our radio documentary series on global poultry production we were asked to write a newspaper article for the Independent national newspaper.

We find that doing one job well often leads to another. These days that usually involves work across several media. Following on from our radio documentary series on global poultry production we were asked to write a newspaper article for a national newspaper. The task: sum up six months of investigation and an hour’s radio in […]

Going Cheep and Cheap

BBC World service radio documentary on the global poutlry industry, by Green Shoots Productions

The world’s love affair with chicken meat dates back 10,000 years. For BBC World Service we’ve made a radio documentary series ‘What if Chicken Conquers the World?’ about the modern global broiler business. The people, places and processes that drive this world-dominating industry are incredible. Farmers, breeders, chefs, scientists, bankers and chickens, of course, all […]

Sharing a juicy slice of melon story

Sharing A Juicy Slice Of Melon Story

One of the best listens in the world is BBC Radio’s “From Our Own Correspondent”. It’s why it was a delight to write and record another piece for FOOC on the marvellous melons of north west Senegal. In an opportunity like that every word matters. Which detail, what experience, how much information must be shared? […]

Packed podcast

Packing a lot of punch in a podcast: just the kind of mission that is not impossible to Green Shoots. Especially when the information providers are two enthusiastic speakers in the blustery, beautiful north west of England. They – and what they have to say – are catalysts for great improvements to animal health and […]

Sound matters

To say we have a thing about sound is an understatement. We love everything about it: recording it, editing it and mixing it – and all this effort of course is so that listeners will love hearing it. Sound stands alone – it’s no surprise that listening to the radio is more popular than ever […]


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