Films to boost Business

Whether your film is explaining a process, showcasing a product, demonstrating change, communicating with staff or members or capturing an event to share with a much wider audience we will make your film deliver.

Keeping it short

Most of the films we make are ‘shorts’. Being cleverly concise is just one of the features that makes our films very likely to be viewed, especially online, and more likely to be remembered.

One Shoot or more

One film may be enough but often we are commissioned to produce film collections, with one issue in each film, or a series of films to show change over time.

Self shoots

If you feel like learning how to make films for yourself we can help with that too. These days many businesses, initiatives and professionals want to enrich their websites with film. In as little as a three hour session we will have you shooting and editing and uploading your story to share with others. See our skills page for an idea of what we can do for you.

Sky shoots

We take to the skies to shoot film for you. Sky shoots by Green Shoots with our UAV or drone give that special perspective on the place, the process and the story. While at height we can capture great photos as well.

The bird’s eye view is powerfully complemented with ground film and the story, told by the people within the business, really shines through.