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recording sound for radio, film, or podcast... its all about telling a story

recording sound

Captivating and memorable, that’s the point of all the audio productions we make. It’s not just about words. We record the backdrop – the sounds of place and process – as well as the story, the personalities, the views and explanations.

It’s a sound business

Whether it is radio broadcasts, online podcasts, other audio downloads or even subscriber-only audio (for example within a company) they all take the listener on an audio journey to enjoy. Hear our latest documentary for BBC World Service in June 2016.

Picture the sound

Sound alone can evoke all sorts of pictures in the listeners’ minds. But if you wish to engage eyes as well as ears we can take photos at the same time, or use yours so that there are some images to illustrate the soundtrack. You can see an example of this in our Eradicating Rinderpest production.

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