Training sessions and courses

Our approach to training is simple: make it fun, practical and productive. We all learn best by doing rather than listening or even watching.

You will work on your own productions during our training whether that’s a sparkling presentation, preparations for hosting an event, writing a blog, creating a film for upload to the web, developing a marketing plan or communications strategy, media skills to make the most of TV and radio broadcast media, strategically using social media or taking better photographs. We can also train you to manage your website –  and use SEO skills to drive your business forward. Communication skills are interconnected and so should you be in how you share what you have to say in person, online, in words, photos or film.

To be noticed, listened to, engaged with and remembered you have to be a colourful, contemporary and strategic communicator: anything less is not good enough. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Presenting without Powerpoint

Faced with a presentation to give, all too often the tool of choice is Powerpoint. Usually though there are other – and far better – tools in the presenting kit. Not sure of what else you could use? A Green Shoots presentation skills course shows you which other presenting tools and techniques you can use and how – and help you to master. The difference your new skills make will amaze you but, best of all, also impress your audience.

With skills built, confidence boosted, creativity inspired and technology mastered our courses end with a can-do buzz for the tasks ahead. It doesn’t all have to end at that. If you wish we will be on hand to mentor you in the weeks and months ahead.

Course lengths

Depending on what needs to be covered, we offer three-hour seminars and one or two day courses. There is also a three day course, usually in January each year. However if you are interested in a custom course for you, then please do get in touch.

Seeing results

We love to follow the progress of those we work with.